Barrington Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

Advocating For The Rights Of Men In Illinois

For many decades, fathers felt like the family law courts were biased against them, especially when it came to issues regarding custody and parenting time. Often, they were correct. However, Illinois courts today strive to make gender-neutral judgments in divorce, affording fathers the same rights as mothers under the law.

At the Illinois law firm of Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , our Barrington fathers' rights attorneys have earned a highly respected reputation for upholding the rights and interests of men throughout the state. Combining respectful legal counsel with assertive advocacy, we represent fathers in all areas of divorce and family law, including:

• Parentage: We assist men with legally establishing their parental rights or with contesting assertions of paternity.
• Asset division: We defend our clients' finances during divorce, handling business valuation, division of retirement accounts and more.
• Child custody: When a father has been the primary caregiver, the courts will take that fact into account when awarding custody and child visitation privileges. In every case, it is generally in the child's best interests to maintain a relationship with both parents, when possible.
• Child support: We ensure that our clients' financial support is fairly calculated and takes into account all applicable custody and parenting time arrangements.
• Spousal maintenance: Alimony is no longer the sole province of the wife. Today, husbands also have the ability to seek financial support to maintain a reasonable standard of living after divorce.

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