"During this COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to provide collaborative family law services for divorce, post-decree, pre and postnuptial, and parentage matters. All negotiations are done outside of the court process and we are able to have these collaborative settlement meetings virtually, through audio/video meeting technology. This allows us to abide by the Federal and State guidelines for "social distancing" while continuing to move your case to full and final resolution. In addition, courts in the Chicago metropolitan area are now operating through a combination of in-person and virtual court proceedings, depending on the county. After a few months of delays, we are now able to move court cases forward. Of course, as always, we continue to provide free initial consultations, which can be performed virtually using audio/video technology. We look forward to serving you soon." -- Lawrence Manassa

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Barrington Child Custody Modification Attorneys

At the Illinois law firm of Manassa Law P.C. , we understand that circumstances change. Custody arrangements that worked in the past may no longer be in a child’s best interests. That is why we are committed to listening carefully to our clients’ concerns and positioning them for a favorable resolution.

When Your Child’s Best Interests Are At Stake, Obtain Skilled And Caring Counsel

Because custody modifications are highly fact-specific, it is important to engage the assistance of a Barrington child custody modification lawyer with in-depth knowledge of Illinois law in this area. Ultimately, the child custody and visitation agreement could affect child support payments and many other aspects of life.

Timing Is An Important Factor In Requesting A Modification

Timing is a critical component. If a parent requests a child custody modification within two years of the last custody order, he or she must show clear and compelling evidence that the child would be endangered by remaining in the current situation. The “endangerment” may be physical, emotional or even moral in nature.

If the modification is requested two years or more after the divorce was finalized or the last custody order was granted, the parent must prove that a substantial change of circumstance has taken place, affecting one of the parents or the child. The requested modification must also be in the best interests of the child. The court will review several factors, including whether the proposed modification:

• Preserves the child’s well-being
• Promotes a healthy home environment
• Promotes positive relationships with both parents, when possible

Our law firm handles even the most complex and emotionally challenging modification requests, including cases where either the father or mother has become unfit to parent due to drug or alcohol addiction, child abuse or mental illness.

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