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family law attorney Grayslake, IL

Lawrence S. Manassa, Family Law Attorney Grayslake, IL

Seasoned, dependable counsel from a team of highly trusted family law attorneys.

With offices in Barrington and Crystal Lake, IL, the law firm of Manassa Hartman, P.C., offers thorough and accomplished family law legal advice to those families dwelling in or around Grayslake, IL in these divorce related practice areas of family law:

Divorce Summary

We target our legal strategy on supplying our customers sensible legal advice and practical legal answers arrived at from talented discussion and prominent family law legal counsel.

Enforcement or modification of divorce decrees

Even the best detailed divorce decrees may need to be modified at a later time as a result of varying situations.

The Divorce Process in Grayslake, IL

We advise clients along every step of filing for divorce, safeguarding their rights, finances, family relationships, and futures.

Fathers' Rights in Grayslake, IL

Combining respectful legal counsel with assertive advocacy, we represent fathers in all areas of divorce and family law.

Military Services Divorce

Our Grayslake, IL divorce legal professionals offer timely and knowledgeable legal representation to armed forces personnel and their families in Grayslake, IL and abroad.


In Grayslake, IL, an annulment is considered an "invalid" marriage.

Divorce Mediation

Our objective is to promote reciprocally advantageous solutions while making sure that the final settlement is in line with our client's best interests.

Collaborative Divorce as an Alternative to Traditional Divorce

Even though it can not be appropriate for all situation, it is important to have an understanding of the alternative of collaborative divorce before determining how to proceed in achieving your desires.

Same-sex Partnerships

Illinois law and federal law vary in regard to civil unions, occasionally often known as domestic partnerships or same-sex partnerships.

Legal Separation

Some couples prefer legal separation to divorce due to religious beliefs or for tax reasons.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our attorneys help partners outline legally dependable and effectual prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.


We defend both men and women throughout Grayslake, IL who are concerned with paternity determination or involved in parentage conflicts.

Domestic Violence and Divorce

We provide strong, polite and intense advocacy on the part of those pursuing defense due to domestic violence and those who are wrongfully charged.

Estate Planning Subsequent To a Divorce

After a divorce, you will want to adjust your estate planning documents to ensure they are current. We can help you analyze, revise and draft wills, trusts and other vital documents.

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Family Law Attorney Grayslake, IL