"During this COVID-19 crisis, we continue to provide collaborative family law services for divorce, post-decree, pre and postnuptial, and parentage matters. The collaborative method is not affected by the temporary closure of Illinois courts, as all negotiations are done outside of the court process. We are also able to have these collaborative settlement meetings through audio/video meeting technology. This will allow us to abide by the Federal and State guidelines for "social distancing" while continuing to move your case to full and final resolution. Of course, as always, we continue to provide free initial consultations, which can be performed using that same technology. We look forward to serving you." -- Lawrence Manassa

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Family Law in Fort Oglethorpe TN

Article provided by: Olivencia & Cribben Law Office LLC

Family Law in Fort Oglethorpe TN

Having a legal professional who specializes in family law in Fort Oglethorpe, TN can make all the difference in your family law case. Family law is perhaps the most severe and most consequential branch of the courts. Think about it; if a person gets convicted of a crime, they will be free again. If a person is a loser in a civil law case, they will pay damages to the winner, but they still have their freedom and their family. However, the rulings made in family court often are never overturned, and it can be impossible to change a judges decision once it's made.

For this reason, you need an experienced family law expert in your corner. Your family court case outcome is not something you will want to leave to fate.

Remain Magnanimous and Do the Right Thing Even when the Other Parent Doesn't

One tip that we give all of our clients is to approach the family court proceedings from the right perspective. Rather than going into court with the mentality and the attitude that you are fighting a hotly contested battle with your ex-partner (even if you are), go into court strictly from the angle that you are advocating for the best interests of the child. Judges take notice when parents are combative and hostile towards one another, and this is widely considered to be a sign that a parent is not suitable for their children.

If you are the reasonable one, and the other parent is angry and combative, it will help your case and hurt theirs. Don't go into the mud with them no matter how much you want to!

Also, make sure you have a strategy when you go to court. Often, our clients don't have a plan that focuses on the benefits of their children. Your case should focus on the benefits of your children, yourself, and the best benefits of your ex-partner so that everyone wins and the best interests of your children are met. Remember, keep it simple and keep it reasonable. Don't be adversarial in court.

Having an Expert in Family Law in Fort Oglethorpe Can Make All the Difference

One of the biggest challenges that parents face in family court is knowing when to present evidence and how. It's knowing when and where to say what and file which motions. These details are critical to a parent's case in court, and it can be more than frustrating when the judge shuts you down because you don't file a certain paper properly with the clerk's office or because you made statements in your hearing rather than asking questions of your ex-partner. This is why you need an expert that practices family law in Fort Oglethorpe, TN.

We'll Help You Win Your Family Law Case

Having the family law experts of Olivencia & Cribben Law Office can make all the difference! We'll help you put your case together, file our paperwork thoroughly and promptly, and make the most compelling case possible to the judge regarding the best interests of your child.

Of course, it all starts with a consultation. At Olivencia & Cribben, we offer free consultations for our clients. Give us a call today and schedule your first appointment, and we'll advise on the best course of action from there.

Family Law in Fort Oglethorpe TN
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