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Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.


Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.


Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.

Business Family Law

Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.

Child Custody and Support

Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.

Integrity. Accomplished. Experienced. Caring.

At Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , your best interest is our primary concern. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families in Illinois through the challenging times of divorce with integrity, professionalism and care. Our experienced Barrington family law attorneys can help you. Whether you choose traditional divorce litigation or alternative dispute resolution, we can help you with child custody, child support, visitation, property division, high net worth divorce, maintenance and post-decree matters.


We offer caring and professional representation with child custody, visitation, modifications and more.


We represent men and women as they face the challenges and uncertainties that divorce brings.


Our skilled high net worth divorce attorneys offer stellar legal representation and asset protection.


We provide knowledgeable and trustworthy advice for a wide variety of legal issues and concerns.

How do you choose the right law firm?

If you have been thinking about seeking a divorce, you are likely concerned about how your children, your finances and your personal life will be affected. As you go through the divorce process, it is important to realize that these concerns will give way to real legal issues; you must protect your interests now to avoid damaging complications later.

Watch as Lawrence Manassa describes how Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. is different from many law firms in their approach to how they treat you and your case.

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Arlington Heights Divorce Lawyers Focused On Your Best Interests

Our accomplished attorneys will pursue an outcome that protects your rights. Whether your family law issues can be resolved through negotiation or litigation, we will fully explain your legal options and use our resources to obtain the best possible result for you and your children.

Empathetic Attorneys Who Will Listen To You...

We will work closely with you throughout your entire case and make sure you understand your rights and obligations. Once you understand what a successful, practical result looks like, you will be able to identify your objectives and rely on us to help you achieve them through negotiation or litigation.


To better serve our clients, we have multiple convenient office locations — Barrington and Crystal Lake — representing clients in Cook, McHenry, Lake, Kane and DuPage counties in such towns as Arlington Heights, Lakewood and Palatine.

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Texts Can be Problematic for Divorcing Couples

Illinois couples who are involved in contentious divorce proceedings need to be careful about what they do and say, so as not to provide the opposing party with ammunition to use against them. That holds for electronic media communications, too, such as Facebook and e-mail, as many people realize...

Illinois Child Support Calculation May Change

Illinois parents who pay or receive child support are accustomed to the current model for determining the amount of support. Under this model, the parent who does not live with the child pays a percentage of net income to the parent who lives with the child. Support percentage varies depending on how many children there are...

Mediation: Eliminating the courtroom battles

When people in Lake County think about the term divorce, they often picture two spouses standing in a courtroom and fighting over everything from the children to the pictures on the walls in their once happy home. However, the process of splitting a married union no longer has to be a contentious one. Many couples are finding great success...

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