"During this COVID-19 crisis, we continue to provide collaborative family law services for divorce, post-decree, pre and postnuptial, and parentage matters. The collaborative method is not affected by the temporary closure of Illinois courts, as all negotiations are done outside of the court process. We are also able to have these collaborative settlement meetings through audio/video meeting technology. This will allow us to abide by the Federal and State guidelines for "social distancing" while continuing to move your case to full and final resolution. Of course, as always, we continue to provide free initial consultations, which can be performed using that same technology. We look forward to serving you." -- Lawrence Manassa

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The Difference Makes All the Difference.

Barrington, Chicago, divorce law firm


The Difference Makes All the Difference.

family law firm barrington IL


The difference makes all the difference.

Barrington collaborative divorce attorney


The Difference Makes All the Difference.



At Manassa Bojczuk, P.C., we understand that the legal process of divorce is only part of how divorce impacts your life.

Our approach is holistic and collaborative. While handling the legal issues of your divorce with proven excellence, we also encourage our clients to participate in individual counseling and workshops to help equip them for both the divorce process and life after divorce.

The attorneys at Manassa Bojczuk, P.C. are truly different. While nationally awarded for our legal work in litigation, collaborative divorce and mediation, most of our attorneys also have bachelor’s degrees in psychology and are well equipped to understand the impact of divorce on your life.

We understand that divorce affects all areas of your life, and that is why we work collaboratively with counselors, divorce coaches, and financial planners to build a supportive team of professionals to help support you through your divorce.

Lawrence talks about why he does what he does and the vision of his firm on a recent podcast:

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Manassa Bojczuk, P.C.

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We offer caring and professional representation with child custody, visitation, modifications and more.


We represent men and women as they face the challenges and uncertainties that divorce brings.


Our skilled high net worth divorce attorneys offer stellar legal representation and asset protection.


We provide knowledgeable and trustworthy advice for a wide variety of legal issues and concerns.

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If you have been thinking about seeking a divorce, you are likely concerned about how your children, your finances and your personal life will be affected. As you go through the divorce process, it is important to realize that these concerns will give way to real legal issues; you must protect your interests now to avoid damaging complications later.


Located in Barrington and Crystal Lake, Illinois, we have been serving residents in and around the surrounding areas for decades. 

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Barrington & Crystal Lake Divorce Lawyers Focused On Your Best Interests

Our accomplished attorneys will pursue an outcome that protects your rights. Whether your family law issues can be resolved through negotiation or litigation, we will fully explain your legal options and use our resources to obtain the best possible result for you and your children.

Empathetic Attorneys Who Will Listen To You...

We will work closely with you throughout your entire case and make sure you understand your rights and obligations. Once you understand what a successful, practical result looks like, you will be able to identify your objectives and rely on us to help you achieve them through negotiation or litigation.


To better serve our clients, we have multiple convenient office locations — located in Barrington and Crystal Lake — representing clients in Cook, McHenry, Lake, Kane and DuPage counties in such towns as Arlington Heights, Lakewood and Palatine.

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