During the COVID-19 pandemic, our firm is fully operational and we continue to provide family law services for divorce, post-decree, pre and postnuptial, and parentage matters, including collaborative divorce and mediation services. Courts in the Chicago metropolitan area are operating largely through Zoom virtual court proceedings. As always, we continue to provide free initial consultations, which can be performed virtually via Zoom or over the phone. We look forward to serving you soon. -- Lawrence Manassa

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Barrington, IL Divorce Lawyers

As you consider your divorce, perhaps the most important decision you make will be choosing the right lawyer to handle your case. It will be crucial to hire a lawyer who will place your interests first and guide you through the process while preserving your parenting and financial interests.

We Handle Child Custody, Fathers' Rights, and More

How your divorce and related issues are handled can lay the groundwork for your foreseeable future. At The Manassa Divorce + Family Law Group at Kelleher + Holland, LLC, our accomplished attorneys understand the challenges facing our clients during divorce and are committed to achieving favorable outcomes that meet their unique goals.

Respectful Representation for Your Divorce

From your free initial consultation through the eventual settlement or verdict, you will receive the respect you deserve from our attorneys. We have the highest degree of integrity, are empathetic, and always listen to our clients' concerns. This allows us to pursue the best possible outcome for our clients. We have successfully litigated hundreds of complex cases.

However, if taking a case to trial is not in our client's best interests, we utilize other methods such as mediation or collaborative divorce. We take these issues seriously as demonstrated by our community involvement. Mr. Manassa was a table leader and occasional instructor at Illinois' largest divorce/care support group for more than seven years. He was one of the founding attorneys at Willow Creek Community Church's legal aid ministry and has donated his time to help the disadvantaged at Administer Justice and Between Friends.

Lawrence discusses the firms approach on a recent podcast

Our Unique Approach

Listen to the podcast done by Lawrence S. Manassa with Myers Counseling as Lawrence describes his approach to divorce and the wellness of the individual as a priority in the divorce process. These insights will be helpful to anyone contemplating divorce or currently divorcing:

  • We practice almost exclusively family law.
  • How we navigate the divorce process with you so you are able to choose the best option:
    • We give a legal analysis of Illinois divorce law (if you choose to go this route), alternative dispute resolution models, and collaborative divorce. We explain the benefits of each one.
    • We emphasize that when many people are first contemplating divorce, they may be experiencing emotional trauma, which is not a good place to make decisions on life-changing circumstances.
    • We look at the divorce process in a holistic way that deals with where you are and what your needs are in order to get you in a better place to see your own contributions to the marital breakdown, as well as the spouse's.

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With experience comes results; with results comes peace of mind. To speak to a knowledgeable family law attorney about your case, contact us today.