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In Illinois, the consequences of failure to follow a divorce order can be severe. If the court finds that the violation is willful, it can find you in contempt.

At Manassa Law P.C., our Barrington family law civil contempt lawyers help enforce orders for child custody, visitation, child support, property division, alimony/maintenance and other family law issues. We also defend clients who are accused of failure to follow court orders. With offices in Barrington, Crystal Lake, St. Charles, Oakbrook Terrace and Deerfield, we serve clients throughout the Chicago metropolitan area of Illinois.

The Meaning Of Contempt In Illinois

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If the court finds you in contempt, the court can impose jail time until you comply with the order. More commonly, the court will give you a period of time to comply before the jail sentence would commence. If the violation is without substantial justification, the court can also order you to pay the other side’s attorney fees. In Illinois, there are two main types of contempt:

  • Civil contempt is for an action that can be undone (such as pay past-due child support). The intent of a civil contempt action is to coerce someone into complying with the order. There are two types of civil contempt: direct, for an action that happens in front of a judge, and indirect, for an action that does not take place in front of the judge.
  • Criminal contempt is for an action that cannot be undone such as provide visitation. The intent of criminal contempt is to punish the defendant so he or she does not perform the action again.

To find you in contempt of court, the court must show that the violation was willful. If you had substantial justification, you must still comply with the order, but the court cannot find you in contempt.

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