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The calculation of child support begins by using established statutory guidelines. Although, deviations from these guidelines can be awarded if there is good cause for that deviation. In Illinois, the court has the ability to weigh factors on a case-by-case basis and use its discretion in making an award.

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Child Support Deviation

When the court finds good cause, it can set child support in an amount that deviates from the standard formula. Our lawyers have considerable experience handling complex child support matters where deviation may be warranted, including those involving high incomes, business income and extraordinary needs of children.

Determining Fair Child Support

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Barrington Child Support/Collection Lawyer, Larry Manassa

Even though the formula for child support is relatively simple, determining how much income is available can be a complex process due to issues such as:

  • A parent receiving a large inheritance of financial gift
  • A parent holding large investments
  • A parent being self-employed
  • A parent is not working or working sporadically

We can help you determine the proper amount of income and ensure you are receiving your fair share of child support. Likewise, we have extensive experience representing clients in modification or child support enforcement cases. To learn more about the services we offer, contact our firm to arrange a free consultation with our Barrington child support attorneys.

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