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When children are very young and parents separate or divorce, child custody arrangements are up to the parents and/or the courts to determine. As children grow older, however, they naturally begin to develop their own opinions about many areas of life — including which parent they prefer to live with. Regardless of a child’s age or preference, the court’s standard in child custody cases remains the same: the best interest of the child takes precedence. Have your children begun to express a preference to live with you or the other parent? Learn what this may mean in your child custody case. Call or email our Barrington child custody and preference lawyers at Manassa Law P.C., to schedule a consultation.

Why Might Your Child Prefer To Live With A Particular Parent? How Old Should He Or She Be In Order To Have The Right To Express a Preference?

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In a joint custody situation, children typically spend time in both parents’ homes. However, they will likely have their roots primarily with one parent’s environment or the other. Children’s preferences about custody arrangements may have to do with school, friends or family relationships. Their expressed preferences may, in fact, shed insight on their best interests.

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There are no clear-cut rules in Illinois as to what age a child should be to have his or her preference taken into account in child custody decisions. Some family law judges will listen carefully to the opinions of an 8-year-old. Others may not allow children to have a say in child custody arrangements until their teenage years. If you would like to help ensure that your child will have a voice in a family law court while custody orders are under consideration, a child representative, attorney for the child (known as AFC), or guardian ad litem may be appointed. Our Illinois family law firm can help you protect your child’s right to be heard. Larry Manassa is a court-appointed guardian ad litem and child representative. We are very familiar with the benefits and the necessary processes for giving your child the right to speak up about his or her preferences in child custody and visitation.

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Our Barrington child support lawyers can help translate your thoughts into action on your children’s behalf. Get answers to your questions about custody, visitation and child preference. Help ensure that your children have a voice while child custody orders are under consideration. Call 847-221-5511 or email our law offices to schedule a consultation.

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