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Child support orders are meant to reflect the current financial circumstances and needs of the child(ren). However, the loss of a job, a child’s graduation from school or an out-of-state relocation can change a person’s financial situation dramatically. In such cases, a parent may need to request a modification to the existing court order for child support.

At the Illinois family law firm of Manassa Law P.C., our Barrington child support modification lawyers mission is to protect the best interests of our clients and their children at every stage of life. Our Barrington child support modification attorneys have decades of experience in child support enforcement, collection and modification issues, as well as all other divorce and parentage matters.

Understanding What Constitutes A Substantial Change In Circumstance

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Both parents have an obligation to make sure their child is provided for financially. The amount a parent must pay in child support, however, may be modified on a showing of a substantial change of circumstances. Such significant changes may include:

  • Changes to child custody or visitation agreements
  • Losing a job, resulting in significantly lower income
  • Gaining a new job or promotion, resulting in significantly higher income
  • New obligations to support children from other relationships
  • New medical or educational needs of the child

Take Prompt Action To Avoid Arrears

Do not hesitate to request a child support modification as soon as possible. They are only modifiable retroactive to the date of the filing of a petition for modification. For instance, if a father loses his job in January, but waits until May before requesting a modification to his support orders, the court may only retroactively decrease the amount he owes back to May. He will still owe the full amount of child support for January through April.

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