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A Guide to Collaborative Divorce in Illinois

Divorce is often portrayed as a contentious and adversarial process, but at Manassa Law PC, we believe in a better way – collaborative divorce. Our experienced collaborative divorce lawyers are dedicated to helping clients navigate this challenging transition with dignity, respect, and a spirit of cooperation.

Contact us today to discover how a Lake County collaborative divorce lawyer can help you through this difficult transition in your life. We are committed to protecting your rights and best interests, as well as those of your children.

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a client-centered approach to resolving divorce-related issues without going to court. Instead of traditional litigation, both parties and their respective attorneys commit to working together in a cooperative and transparent manner to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Attorneys help the parties as problem solvers and facilitators. The collaborative process may (should the parties choose to do so) use other experts, in their area of expertise, such as Divorce Coaches, Child Specialists, and Financial Neutrals.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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The collaborative divorce process offers numerous benefits over traditional adversarial divorce, including:

Reduced Conflict: By prioritizing open communication and negotiation, collaborative divorce minimizes the acrimony and hostility often associated with courtroom battles. It fosters a more harmonious environment for all parties involved.

Greater Control: In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse maintain control over the decision-making process, rather than leaving key decisions in the hands of a judge. This empowers you to craft solutions that align with your unique needs and circumstances.

Privacy: Only final agreements are brought before a Judge for final approval at a prove-up court date. The terms of final agreements can be incorporated in the Divorce Judgment by reference only to keep the terms private and unavailable to the public.

Cost-Effective: By avoiding costly and drawn-out litigation, collaborative divorce can be a more cost-effective solution, saving you valuable time and resources.

Additionally, the collaborative process may involve professionals such as Divorce Coaches, Child Specialists, and Financial Advisers.

They can provide emotional support during the divorce process, help resolve problems, and facilitate effective communication. Financial experts can also ensure fair and equitable property distribution.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative divorce coaching is an aspect of the collaborative divorce process designed to address the emotional and communication challenges that often arise during divorce proceedings.

A collaborative divorce coach is a mental health professional who works with individuals to help them deal with the emotional aspects of the divorce and resolve conflict through open communication.

They don’t provide therapy, but divorce coaches can help deal with issues in a non-adversarial manner, thereby helping to move the process along.

Child Specialist Services

Child specialist services in collaborative divorce involve trained mental health professionals who focus on addressing the specific needs and concerns of the children involved in the divorce process. Their goal is to ensure that the children’s voices and interests are heard and considered throughout the divorce proceedings.

The child specialist aims to understand the children’s perspectives, emotions, and concerns regarding the divorce. They may use a variety of assessments to gain insights and make recommendations.

They can educate parents about the emotional and developmental needs of their children during the divorce process. This information can assist parents in making informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of their children.

Additionally, they may assist in the development of parenting plans that take into account the children’s schedules, preferences, and developmental stages. This collaborative approach helps create plans that are tailored to the unique needs of each child.

Children may find it challenging to express their feelings and concerns directly to their parents. The child specialist creates a safe and supportive environment for children to express themselves. They can mitigate the impact of divorce on children and offer conflict resolution strategies that prioritize the children’s emotional well-being.

What Are the 5 Steps in Collaborative Divorce?


The collaborative divorce process typically involves the following steps:

1.   Commitment to Collaboration: Both parties, along with their respective attorneys, sign a participation agreement, committing to resolving their divorce collaboratively and in good faith.

2.   Open Communication: The collaborative team facilitates regular meetings between both parties to discuss and resolve issues related to parenting, finances, and property division.

3.   Information Gathering: Full disclosure of financial information and other relevant data is essential to ensure transparency and facilitate informed decision-making.

4.   Negotiation and Problem-Solving: Through constructive dialogue and creative problem-solving, the collaborative team works towards mutually agreeable solutions on all aspects of the divorce.

5.   Final Agreement: Once all issues have been resolved, a comprehensive settlement agreement is drafted and submitted to the court for approval. Once the court signs off, the divorce is final.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help You?

At Manassa Law PC, our collaborative divorce lawyers are dedicated to guiding you through this process with empathy and representing you assertively.

We’re committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family, and we can assist you with:

Protecting Parental Rights and Child Custody: Our attorneys will work diligently to safeguard your parental rights and ensure that child custody arrangements prioritize the best interests of your children.

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance: We will help navigate the complexities of child support and alimony calculations. Our lawyers will make sure that financial obligations are fair and accurately reflect your family’s unique circumstances.

Property Division: Our team has extensive experience in equitably dividing marital assets and debts. We can also handle high net worth collaborative divorces that must account for complex holdings such as business interests, investment portfolios, and real estate.

Lawrence S. Manassa, Lake County Collaborative Divorce Lawyer
Lawrence S. Manassa, Lake County Collaborative Divorce lawyer

Compassionate Counsel: We understand the emotional toll of divorce and strive to provide a compassionate and supportive environment throughout the collaborative process.

At Manassa Law PC, we believe that collaborative divorce offers a path towards a more amicable and empowering resolution–one that fosters healing and lays the foundation for a positive future for all involved.

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