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Misconceptions abound about what constitutes legal separation in Illinois. Many individuals believe that if they are no longer living in the same house as their spouse, they are legally separated. This is not true. Legal separation is an actual legal status that must be granted by the state of Illinois.

At Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , we carefully educate our clients on the benefits and limitations of legal separation, advise them about how to attain their legal goals and advocate for their best interests in every step of the process. From our offices in Barrington and Crystal Lake, our Barrington legal separation lawyers represent individuals and families throughout the surrounding cities of Illinois.

Choosing Between Legal Separation And Divorce

A decision to legally separate is quite similar to a decision to divorce. At the end of the day, the only real difference is that both parties are still technically married. Some couples prefer this due to religious beliefs or for tax reasons.

In the absence of a mediated legal separation agreement, the family law courts will make decisions regarding child custodychild supportspousal maintenance and other matters. Although the court cannot make decisions regarding the division of assets without permission from both parties, it can grant one party the right to temporarily remain in the home or use the family car, for instance.

Before a couple decides that filing for legal separation is the most beneficial route, they should consult an experienced Illinois family law lawyer. Legal separation and divorce can have very different effects on government benefits, medical insurance coverage, federal taxes and more.

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