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Skilled Legal Assistance With Premarital Agreements

A prenuptial (also called premarital) agreement is a legal contract allowing a couple to specify how marital assets and debts will be divided should the marriage end through death or divorce. It can also serve as an effective way to protect the rights and assets of children from a previous marriage.

At Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , we provide professional legal counsel and assistance to couples who wish to draft legally sound and effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Our Illinois law firm has decades of experience in family law matters, and we understand the ramifications of a poorly planned or drafted agreement. Our mission is to maximize our clients' financial security while minimizing any risks to their or their children's future.

Our Barrington prenuptial agreement lawyers take proactive measures to ensure that all assets and debts are fully disclosed in order to craft a valid and enforceable agreement. We will carefully review our clients' concerns and properly address them. Such concerns may include:

• Premarital asset protection
• Tax repercussions of asset-division plans
• Protecting the financial futures of children from previous relationships
• Estate planning consequences
• Guarding family businesses or professional practices
• Designating postmarital assets as separate property

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement is well worth the initial effort and cost. It has the potential to save individuals thousands of dollars in court costs and other legal fees, should the relationship end.

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Diligently Guarding Our Clients' Assets

Because prenuptial agreements are the basis of many divorce-related decisions by the Illinois family law courts, these contracts require the highest level of foresight and attention to detail. Learn more about how the attorneys of Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , can provide that level of legal skill. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling our Barrington or Crystal Lake office at 847-282-4051 or 847-221-5511, or contact us online.