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Parents who are separated or divorced, or preparing to separate or divorce, often wonder how court orders can help keep financial responsibilities fair when it comes time to pay for children’s post-secondary education. Mothers and fathers may attempt to get provisions for children’s future college tuition payments accounted for in divorce decrees.

Our Attorneys Advise On College Education And Illinois’ Child Support Law — Get Help Interpreting And Applying Provisions Of The Law

Section 505 of the Illinois Marriage and Marriage and Dissolution Act governs child support for unemancipated minors.

Section 513 governs parties’ obligation to contribute to the post-high school expenses of their children (generally for college), consistent with their ability to contribute. Those expenses are considered liberally to include “room, board, dues, tuition, transportation, books, fees, registration and application costs, medical expenses…and living expenses during the school year.” Section 513(a)(2) specifies that college education may be included as an obligation in a divorce decree. “The court may…make provision for…college tuition or professional or other training after graduation from high school.”

Who Will Pay For Your Children’s College Education? Divorce Lawyers Can Help You Seek An Enforceable Court Order

When advising our clients about child support and college education, divorce lawyers at Manassa Law P.C., advise them to plan as far ahead as they can for post-secondary education costs. If we represent you in your divorce, we can help you negotiate for provisions to be included in your divorce decree. If you are already divorced and are now anticipating college tuition costs for your children, talk to us about how we can help you petition a family law court for an appropriate order.

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