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Who Will Pay for Child Care? Can The Costs Be Deducted From Child Support Payments?

Figuring out who will pay for child care when both parents work is an important part of the big picture of child support. However, day care costs are not figured into a child support calculation. Any contribution that either parent makes to child care costs will be over and above the child support amount.

What does this mean in your case? For one thing, it means that if you are paying support and you contribute to your child’s day care costs, you cannot deduct that amount from your child support payments. Get the clarity you seek with regard to child support and day care costs as you approach divorce or separation. Find out how day care may be taken into account in your child custody and child support orders. Contact an Barrington day care & child support attorney at one of our Illinois law offices to schedule a consultation.

What About If One Parent Wants To Provide Child Care Services Rather Than Pay For Day Care?

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Divorced and separated parents are not always concerned only about money when it comes to child support. At Manassa Law P.C., we often meet with noncustodial parents who wish to care for their own children rather than pay daycare fees.

It may be a self-employed father who pledges to arrange his work schedule to allow him to spend time with his children rather than pay a child care center. It may be a mother or father whose own parents — grandparents of the children in question — wish to provide child care services. Not surprisingly, parents often differ in what they believe is best for their children as well as financially fair when it comes to daycare and child support.

From Law Offices In Arlington Heights And Barrington — Day Care And Child Support — Lawyers Are Here To Advocate For You And Your Children

Our Barrington child support lawyers at Manassa Law P.C., can help you make a case for more parenting time in place of obligatory child care costs. Or if you have reason to believe that your child would be endangered in a family child care situation, we can advocate for you in this regard. Contact us to learn how our experience can be your guide. Call 847-221-5511 or email us to arrange to talk to one of our lawyers about your options and obligations.

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