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Illinois law and federal law differ in regard to civil unions, sometimes referred to as domestic partnerships or same-sex partnerships. The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act gives same-sex couples joined by civil unions equal rights with married, opposite-sex couples. As of 2014, same-sex marriage is now also legal in Illinois.

Additionally, due to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, married same-sex couples have the same legal rights and protections. That also means same-sex divorce will be an issue for some couples. For couples in a civil union who are contemplating dissolving their union, it is important to engage the assistance and up-to-date legal counsel of a law firm skilled in this ever-changing area of family law. At Manassa Law P.C., we are this law firm. Our Barrington same-sex partnership attorneys have decades of experience serving both same-sex and opposite-sex couples throughout the state. We also have a highly respected reputation for providing personal care and attention along with high-end, trial-ready representation.

Dissolution Of Civil Partnership In Illinois

Because Illinois law confers the same rights on same-sex civil unions as it does on opposite-sex marriages, ending either relationship incurs similar challenges and choices. As a marriage can be severed by divorce, a civil union can be ended by dissolution, and the same issues will have to be addressed. These may include:

• Complex property division

• Division of pensions, 401(k)s and other retirement accounts

• Child custody and support

• Visitation rights

• Maintenance/alimony

• Debt responsibility

• Other areas

Our attorneys not only assist same-sex couples with understanding the ramifications of dissolving a civil union under Illinois law, but they also guide them through the complexities of federal law as it pertains to such partnerships. We can explain how an individual’s tax filing status and federal tax obligations may differ in regard to child support, alimony, government-based retirement plans, pensions and other issues.

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